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The Dawn of Art

Educational Single Player Easy 

Our humanity's first masterpiece was created 36,000 years ago in Ardche, France. Within Chauvet Cave lie 1000 drawings, enclosed forever. Would you like to meet your prehistoric ancestors, these humans who ventured in a deep subterranean world? Would you like to meet the cave bear, the real host of the Chauvet Cave, a giant of the ice age who left thousands of scratches and footprints in the cave? Let Daisy Ridley accompany you in the Chauvet Cave, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Daisy is your guide to discover, through a movie and then on a guided visit, the universe of our ancestors. The Caves discovery in 1994 is considered as one the greatest scientific breakthroughs of the XXth century. "The Dawn of Art" is a Virtual Reality experience, including both an immersive film and a virtual visit of the cave.

theBlu: Season 1

Educational Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

Wevr’s “theBlu: Season 1” is a deeply immersive experience designed as a series of beautiful underwater moments in passing, which powerfully tap into the unique potential of VR. And it's perfect for showcasing the magic of VR to serious gamers and first-time users alike. The debut episode “Whale Encounter,” featuring an incredible close encounter with a blue whale, is recognized as one of the most iconic and popular VR experiences to date. Additional episodes in Season 1 include "Reef Migration," which takes you to a teeming coral reef, and "Luminous Abyss," which plunges you to the very deepest regions of the ocean. 10+ y.o.

Google Earth VR

Educational Single Player Intermediate 

Google Earth VR lets you explore the world from totally new perspectives in virtual reality. Stroll the streets of Tokyo, soar over the Grand Canyon, or walk around the Eiffel Tower or even visit your own home as you have never seen it! 10+ y.o.

Operation Apex

Educational Single Player Intermediate 

Use virtual reality to uncover the secrets of the big blue in an atmospheric deep sea dive. As you bear witness to an underwater marvel, your mission becomes clear. Take your research rig out into the open sea in search of the largest great white shark ever seen… Use your left Trackpad as a scanner to scan prey to create holographic images to be used to attract predators. 10+ y.o.

Guildford Castle VR

Educational Single Player Easy 

VISIT ONE OF ENGLAND'S FIRST CASTLES, PAST AND PRESENT! Guildford Castle is a free roaming, narrative VR experience with light interactivity. Built in the wake of the Norman Conquest, Guildford Castle was one of Englands first castles and has stood for over 900 years. Visit a hyper-realistic digital double of the castle as it stands today, created using state-of-the-art 3D scanning techniques. Step into the distant past and discover the royal palace and medieval town. Travel back in time to 14th century England and see what the former regional palace and town would have looked like in the late medieval period.

War Remains: Dan Carlin Presents an Immersive Memory

Educational Single Player Easy 

This is not a game. This is history. Presented by Hardcore History legendary podcaster Dan Carlin, War Remains is an immersive VR experience that transports viewers into the nightmarish hellscape of the Western Front of the First World War. Witness history unfold from a soldier's point-of-view in this thought provoking, visceral experience. Step into the fire of The Western Front, one of the most extreme battlefields in history. Experience the annihilation of innocence caused by the First World War and bear witness to the emergence of Modern Warfare. 15+ Y.O.

Kokoda VR

Educational Single Player Easy 

Experience the Kokoda story as you’ve never seen it before - in stunningly detailed, 360-degree Virtual Reality. Brought to life in real 3D locations and featuring original museum artefacts, historical interviews and videos; this interactive story lets you witness the famous Kokoda Track campaign of WWII. Across 12 chapters, spanning from June to November of 1942, the main events of the campaign play out, allowing you to see first-hand the equipment used, the men involved, the victories and failures. 12+ y.o.

Fantastic Contraption

Educational Maximum 1 Players Single Player Intermediate 

A surreal building game for VR. Create life-sized contraptions as tall as you can reach, then send them whirling, flinging, and trundling off to solve puzzles on the other side of a floating island. There are no right or wrong solutions, so bring your creativity. Can be played to win (strategy) or just to make neat toys (creative) or learn about the physics of moving things (education). 11+ y.o.


Educational Single Player Easy 

Create smooth, polygonal, and cubey sculptures and worlds of any size. SculptrVR's 10,000x zoom enables massive creations with tiny details! SculptrVR gives you almost unlimited space so your imagination is totally free! SculptrVR makes it easy to create, explore, and share brilliant new worlds and sculptures in virtual reality on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows MR headsets. Whether you turn yourself into a 2,000-foot-tall giant and build at a massive scale or zoom in and design the tiniest of details, SculptrVR’s intuitive tools let your imagination turn into real creations. In your world, anything is possible. 10+ y.o.


Educational Single Player Easy 

OVERVIEW is an awakening VR experience on our position in the Universe. It uses data and images from space agencies to bring you as close as possible to seeing the cosmos for real. Get a new perspective. 11+ y.o.

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