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All-In-One Sports VR

Sports and Fitness Maximum 2 Players Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

13 Sports in 1 Game ! What type of sports acitivities will be safer during the pandemic era? All in One sports VR offers the most safe way to keep you healthy for both physically and mentally with zero contact.


Sports and Fitness Single Player Multiplayer Intermediate 

Take a dive into the adrenaline-pumping world of wingsuit flying with RUSH. Soar down mountainsides at breakneck speeds. Weave through canyons, dodge outcrops, and plummet down sheer drops as you race towards the finish line. Join in with your friends in a multiplayer rush to the bottom of the mountain. 10+ y.o.

VR Regatta - The Sailing Game

Sports and Fitness Maximum 7 Players Single Player Multiplayer Intermediate 

Explore the immersive, inspiring sailing experience that awaits you on the open seas. Veterans of sailing and newcomers alike are invited to discover the relaxation and exploration at Akalana Islands. 11+ y.o.

Archery Kings VR

Sports and Fitness Maximum 2 Players Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

Archery Kings VR is aimed at realistic Archery games using virtual reality systems. Features Simple UI and easy controls to play a variety of bow and arrow scenarios from standard to funny style. Advanced AI divided by 5 difficulty artificial intelligence levels. 10+ y.o.

Tennis Kings VR

Sports and Fitness Maximum 2 Players Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

Tennis Kings VR is aimed at realistic Tennis games using VR. Simple UI and easy control to play either against an AI player or play against a friend! Advanced AI divided by 5 difficulty levels Variety of rackets from standard to funny style. This uses a similar method to the old Nintendo games where the game will move you to where the ball will land (make sure you stand in the gold circle!). Be mindful of the cables above your head when serving - we'll leave the Wimbleton serves for on the court! 11+ y.o.

Creed: Rise to Glory™ Arcade

Sports and Fitness Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

Do you have what it takes to become a champion? Follow the ascent of boxer Adonis Creed as you go toe-to-toe with the world’s top opponents in this intense, cinematic boxing experience. Featuring new Phantom Melee Technology for impactful VR melee combat, you’ll train, fight, and win like a Creed. 13+ y.o. - CAREER : Live the rise of Adonis Creed as he trains under Rocky Balboa and fights in high-stakes matches around the world, including iconic bouts from the Creed film - FREEPLAY : Set up custom matches or run through montage-inspired exercises with Rocky, including speed bags, mitt training, punch variations, and more - PVP : Fight 1:1 against another player in real time

Eleven: Table Tennis VR

Sports and Fitness Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

The first virtual reality ping pong experience available on Steam! Single and Multiplayer virtual reality ping pong. Play a 1 vs. 1 , against opponents online, or a slew of mini games to hone your skills. 11+ y.o.

V-Racer Hoverbike

Sports and Fitness Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

V-RACER HOVERBIKE is a fast-paced futuristic racing game in VR. Sim Racers will enjoy Time Trial, while WipeOut fans will prefer Combat Mode. 11+ y.o.

Racket: Nx

Sports and Fitness Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

Racquetball meets Breakout inside a giant pinball machine! Racket: Nx is a new kind of game that challenges the limits of what you can do with a racket and ball in VR. Play solo or challenge a friend! 11+ y.o.

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