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Where Thoughts Go

NARRATIVES/MOVIE LIKE Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

Discover the dreams, fears and experiences of other people - and leave your own for others to find. In this award-winning social experience, sleeping creatures & float toward you awakened by a gentle touch to reveal the voice messages of others who have previously visited. These unscripted and anonymous stories reveal and inspire, encouraging you to share your own for others to discover. Visually beautiful and wholly transformative, Where Thoughts Go: Prologue thematically explores the course of a lifetime through light, environmental design and five simple questions. The voice recordings you hear are unique and unidentifiable, left by individuals from every walk of life, every age and every background. Participants have no way to discern who they are hearing from, only how considerate and sensitive each and every person is. In a time of great division the experience shows how we much we have in common; we all dream, have hopes, and share human connection.

Dive with Sylvia

NARRATIVES/MOVIE LIKE Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

Take a relaxing 5-minute vacation to Belize with legendary oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Sylvia Earle. You'll tour a real dive site with real wildlife: accurate corals, reef fish, sea turtles, groupers, even a whale shark. No two dives are the same! Nominated for Best Travel/Tourism VR Experience at VRFest Las Vegas and installed at the Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington. This beautiful, authentic diving experience is based on Infinite Scuba, the award-winning simulation game for Win/Mac created by Cascade Game Foundry SPC. 'Social Purpose Corporation' is the Washington state version of 'B' corporation. Our social goals are environmental education and the promotion of STEM. A portion of our proceeds goes to environmental non-profits, such as Dr. Sylvia Earle's Mission Blue. Belize is in the Mesoamerican Reef, one of Mission Blue's Hope Spots.

A Ton of Feathers

NARRATIVES/MOVIE LIKE Maximum 1 Players Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

A Ton of Feathers : the last game by Ben lunato


NARRATIVES/MOVIE LIKE Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

The latest animated short movie from the award-winning Baobab Studios. In Bonfire, you play the lead role in an interactive narrative. As Space Scout 817, you’re on a mission to discover a new home for the human race. Too bad your piloting skills lack… precision. You crash-land at night on a mysterious unknown planet three-hundred light-years from Earth. Your only source of light is your makeshift bonfire. Beyond its glow everything falls to darkness. And what are those strange noises coming from the alien jungle? To survive you only have your instincts and robot sidekick, Debbie, voiced by Ali Wong, Debbie’s companionship comes with a signature wariness. When a chance meeting with a local inhabitant further steers your mission off course, you learn that unexpected encounters just might result in lasting friendships. You’ll have the opportunity to embrace, explore and influence the world around you. In the end, the choice is yours: Will you follow your captain or your conscience?

Crow: The Legend

NARRATIVES/MOVIE LIKE Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

Starring John Legend, Oprah Winfrey, Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians), Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One), Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), and Liza Koshy. Created by the director of Madagascar and the Emmy-winning animated films Invasion! and Asteroids! In this interactive animation, Crow is the most admired animal in the forest with his magnificent colors and beautiful voice. But when the very first winter arrives, can Crow make the personal sacrifices needed to save his friends? Official selection of Cannes Le Marché du Film and Venice International Film Festival.

The Great C

NARRATIVES/MOVIE LIKE Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

Based on the sci-fi short story by Philip K. Dick, The Great C is a cinematic narrative set in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. Featuring a thrilling storyline, stunning environments and a powerful soundtrack, the viewer is transported to a desolate landscape in which the remnants of humanity are ruled by an all-powerful supercomputer known as the Great C. Each year, the nearby village is forced to send a young person on a pilgrimage to appease the mysterious machine, a journey from which no one ever returns.The Great C follows Clare, a young woman who finds her life upended when her fianc is summoned for this years pilgrimage. Leaving the safe confines of her village, Clare must decide whether to accept the rules of her harsh society or fight against the oppressive powers that created it. The Great C is a sweeping 30+ minute experience, developed from the ground up to push the boundaries of storytelling in VR. Official selection of the Venice Film Festival.

Art Plunge

NARRATIVES/MOVIE LIKE Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

Art Plunge is a gallery where you can get the feeling of being inside famous paintings. This is a short but sweet experience featuring 5 VR interpretations of the following artworks: * Mona Lisa * Starry Night * The Birth of Venus * The Creation of Adam * Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window

Manic VR

NARRATIVES/MOVIE LIKE Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

An experimental VR experience immersing participants in the exuberant and chaotic worlds of an imagination haunted by bipolar disorder. Guided by the voices of Felicia and François who, for the past 3 years, have used their sister’s voice mail as their personal diary, the user will embark on a journey to decipher the whirlwind cycling of mania, psychosis and depression. Through room-scale, real-time interaction and 3D worlds, we discover the destabilizing effects of bipolarity – the heightening of senses and the untamed imagination that accompanies this complex and mysterious condition.

The Haunted Graveyard


Visit the Haunted Graveyard -- if you dare! This spooky fun walk through a magical haunted graveyard is suitable for all ages. Meet the ghosts, explore their world, and learn their secrets. But you'd better keep moving -- if you're still in the Haunted Graveyard at midnight, you'll be trapped here forever! **Made for VR arcades** We have made this project specifically for VR arcades, where we believe it will serve as a great introduction to VR and a fun experience for a broad audience. **A Cinematic VR Experience** The Haunted Graveyard is not a videogame. It is a fifteen-minute VR experience with light interactivity intended for new VR users. Highlights include: A rich and beautifully haunting landscape that transports you to another world An original lush orchestral soundtrack by composer Winifred Phillips (Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, God of War) Extensive motion-capture performances by professional actors

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