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Sep's Diner

Staff Favorites For kids ALL GAMES Maximum 1 Players Single Player Intermediate 

Welcome to Sep’s Diner, the new burger restaurant of which YOU are the Chef! Will it really become the best burger in town? It’s up to you! Level after level, your experience will increase as well as the number of your gourmet customers. They are in a hurry, so make it quick to satisfy them before they leave! Hungry, they won't let you make a mistake, even though burger orders will become more and more complicated... Be attentive and precise, to make the best possible profit! Game Features: · 12 levels included · Relax or Normal (with timer) game modes · Challenging but not impossible! · Intense and thrilling levels · Immersive audio ambiance · Impatient customers with fun voices · Beautiful scenery and colored lights · Increasing difficulty level after level · More than 30 different combinations for burgers recipes!


Sports n Rhythm Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

In this breathtakingly beautiful experience, players will get the opportunity to bungee jump from one of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Take the elevator right to the famous torch of the Statue of Liberty before soaking up the scenery and finally jumping off in this dare devil challenge which is certainly not for the faint of heart! Those in search of a tranquil session can ride a hot air balloon high above the Hudson river, whilst those seeking a more energetic route can climb to the crown as we get to experience the Big Apple like never before Watch as planes, balloons and birds sore across the New York City skyline at night and take in a view that very few people will ever get to see in this painstakingly detailed experience from Blackwall Labs

Where Thoughts Go

ALL GAMES NARRATIVES/MOVIE LIKE Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

Discover the dreams, fears and experiences of other people - and leave your own for others to find. In this award-winning social experience, sleeping creatures & float toward you awakened by a gentle touch to reveal the voice messages of others who have previously visited. These unscripted and anonymous stories reveal and inspire, encouraging you to share your own for others to discover. Visually beautiful and wholly transformative, Where Thoughts Go: Prologue thematically explores the course of a lifetime through light, environmental design and five simple questions. The voice recordings you hear are unique and unidentifiable, left by individuals from every walk of life, every age and every background. Participants have no way to discern who they are hearing from, only how considerate and sensitive each and every person is. In a time of great division the experience shows how we much we have in common; we all dream, have hopes, and share human connection.


Shooter/Action multiplayer Maximum 1 Players Multiplayer Intermediate 

Introducing co-op missions and brand new character models!! You can experience a total of 8 missions with 4 different objectives available at launch!Mod support is finally here! Experience more community-made content!Contractors is a team-based competitive multiplayer shooter game for virtual reality headsets. Experience the next level virtual warfare with hardcore controls, lethal weapons, customizable load-outs, and intense firefights. Contractors features:* Co-op missions with up to 4 players.* Immersive full body IK system.* Mod support with community created map, loadout and game mode!* Realistic weapon handling.* Slick sliding movement.* Objective-based game mode.* Challenging AI on both singleplayer and multiplayer.* Customizable weapon load-out system with different weapons and gadgets.* A shooting range serves as a hub area with tons of activities.* Virtual Gunstock and Physical Gunstock support.* Offline free-roam against bots.* Spatial voice chat.* Gunstock calibration tool.BECOME AN OPERATOR and join the fight. Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR

Dive with Sylvia

ALL GAMES NARRATIVES/MOVIE LIKE Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

Take a relaxing 5-minute vacation to Belize with legendary oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Sylvia Earle. You'll tour a real dive site with real wildlife: accurate corals, reef fish, sea turtles, groupers, even a whale shark. No two dives are the same! Nominated for Best Travel/Tourism VR Experience at VRFest Las Vegas and installed at the Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington. This beautiful, authentic diving experience is based on Infinite Scuba, the award-winning simulation game for Win/Mac created by Cascade Game Foundry SPC. 'Social Purpose Corporation' is the Washington state version of 'B' corporation. Our social goals are environmental education and the promotion of STEM. A portion of our proceeds goes to environmental non-profits, such as Dr. Sylvia Earle's Mission Blue. Belize is in the Mesoamerican Reef, one of Mission Blue's Hope Spots.


ALL GAMES For kids Maximum 1 Players Single Player Easy 

This ain't your Grandma's Tetris! Vetrix is a puzzle game inspired by Tetris, but with its own original mechanics built for virtual reality. The player will have to demonstrate dexterity, organization, and good skills in the geometry of space as well as proprioception to achieve the best possible score. > Place the shapes wherever you want You can place shapes on the bottom, the sides, or even the top of the puzzle area. There's no gravity so make good use of the space. > Special blocks Special blocks will give you bonuses, make sure you collect them swiftly. > Three game modes Score mode - Reach the highest score possible in 300 seconds. Time mode - Reach the target score as fast as possible. Free mode – No time constraints, just relax. Good luck and have fun!


ALL GAMES Maximum 2 Players Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

The familiar mechanics of this casual tetromino block game will let anybody enjoy it in minutes. Three game modes will keep you entertained both in singe and in co-op with a friend. Designed by a virtual reality experience centre based on feedback from hundreds of customers. Our aim was to create an experience that is easy for anyone to have fun with and can be enjoyable for all family members. With a modern twist on bouncy 8-bit music, you will feel energized and happy to enjoy working towards a higher score. The game consists of 3 modes: Classic mode for casual, fun gameplay Co-op local area network mode to be enjoyed together with a friend. Workout mode with very non-scientific calorie counter Features: Workout and Classic mode local pc leaderboards. Score and special block combos based on the number of lines completed 2 player LAN mode to work together or mess around. 5 music tracks designed for the game



Paint or sculpt your own 3D creations and play around with them in Virtual Reality! It’s free, easy to use and a lot of fun to use PaintLab with friends and family!

ABC Paint

ALL GAMES EDUCATIONAL Maximum 4 Players Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

ABC Paint is a simple Multiplayer VR drawing experience that anyone can start using in seconds. Have fun with your friends, the brush, palette and an endless canvas. Randomised funny heads for players. Draw on your friends head or paint them a stick figure body. All interactions are strictly touch-based, the only controller button to press is the trigger. The user can choose between different colours and brush sizes, undo steps or clear the whole artwork. With VR arcade use in mind, the game has no in-game menus or overly complicated options nor an exit button that could be pressed accidentally. The non-violent nature and ease of use makes the app suitable for even the youngest of players.

A Ton of Feathers

ALL GAMES NARRATIVES/MOVIE LIKE Maximum 1 Players Single Player Multiplayer Easy 

A Ton of Feathers : the last game by Ben lunato

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